A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

[Nov '18] - SteamVR now supported!

[Oct '18] - revamped tutorial and first level.

Your opinion matters!

If you wish to get more involved or/and know more about Prisoner518, check out our website: https://whippedupgaming.com

Info for discord (server name is; whippedUP_gaming) and a beta program can be found there.

You play the character of prisoner 518, set on a space station in 2049. What starts as an ordinary day soon descends into mystery after an explosion changes everything.

A mixture of physical/mental environmental puzzles, story progression and arcs that culminate into a climatic finale.

Explore and discover.  Observe and solve.

One aim of mine was to create a game based on story structure.  There are no cut-scenes, you the player, will live it as it happens.

Test out a beta build of the tutorial level and first section of the first level right now.  Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe.


p518_demo_ w/SteamVR+Oculus 126 MB
p518_demo_w/SteamVR+Oculus 144 MB

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Okay, tried it! Thumbstick movement is a good thing, but I would prefer to be able to sidestep with its X direction, instead of just going backward and forwards. As it is now, it just feels off, somehow.

I didn't figure out that I had to press the trigger to "activate" the screwdriver, which looked pretty much like a normal screwdriver, and not like an electric device. Also, I just interpreted the screws as a static texture, not as something I could interact with. giving them 3D form would help a lot!

Other than this, the game already feels quite immersive. I quickly gets into the role!

Thank you for the feedback, Kasper, very much appreciated - and good points made!

Eventually, I will offer different control methods in the options (including sidestep).

The screwdriver definitely needs work! Noted.

Also, your notes will help when I build the content for the monitor - that should aid understanding in what's meant to be done.

Ever want me to return the favour, give me a shout.  :)

The game page says Mac and Linux are supported but the downlaod is just an EXE file which is Windows only. Am I Missing something ?

Hi PublicLewdness, my apologies - I initally intended to upload all versions in one zip, but decided against it - and then failed to upload other options.  Doing so now.

Thanks for the quick fixing. Trying it now !

I've just re-uploaded the zip files, I suspect there's a slight prefab corruption with the controllers - so if you can't grab or touch buttons, that's why.  But should be fixed now.